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April 25, 2016


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Geoff Baker

Excellent post. Christine, how do you feel then about being so closely aligned with an institution that declares its vision as “rescuing children and young people from an empty, disorientated, and deviant youth”? Is this not the precise opposite of your own position?

Excellent response, Glenn. Insightful and spot on. I hope that future conferences act on your suggestion.


Thanks Heath and Christine- I appreciate your observation of the conspicuous omission. Another angle on the same theme is the reluctance of teachers to share publicly what they say privately. Some say they are not being treated with the same consideration they are being asked to give to the kids. The teachers know much more about the problems than we can discuss in a group so open. Future conferences need to create safe places for our teachers to share what's really on their minds. After all, they are the active ingredient in whatever medicine we make; by whatever name we call it. Without them at their best, we don't have a chance.

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